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Right heres one to get your teeth into. Current bike frame written off (04 trek 2300) waiting for insurance money if it comes but can use own cash. The two ways i'm thinking of going are:

buying a planet x sl carbon with red group standard and upgrading the bars,stem etc over the winter. ride it though 2010 and then upgrade the frame in 2011 for a felt ar or the new willier areo frame. This is what i was all set to do until i start to think. What size do I need? What parts do i what in which size etc and will the winter kill my groupset. I'm working germany and will back in the uk for around 9 months starting in a couple of months which has got me thinking about option two.

Buy a winter frame put old parts on (ultega 9 speed) and save till spring and buy sunday best then (prob still a PX and follow the first plan). Plus will join club and learn sizing and maintance over the winter. Over the next six months this will be around 500 quid more but will it be worth it. (500 based on mud guards, frame, the build cost at lbs and to replace a few things in group.

Cheers let us know.
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    Worth getting measured for your frame if you are going to shell out serious dough. Then you know it is right. But oh the joy of the decision of what to buy. Winter won't kill anything if you are scrupulous about cleaning things. I think I would go route two then you can take your time on the dream machine and get everything you want. You can get aCK7 frame for £200 which makes a fine winter bike, and come with mudguard eyes and rack mounts should you require. A cheap carbon fork makes this a trusty steed. Ive done most things from touring to Paris/Roubaix on mine, it takes everything I throw at it.
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