Advanced Stopping Line

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Sorry to do a new topic on this, probably been well debated before.

My problem with them is twofold, firstly obviously, motorised vehicles crossing into them and taking the room. However, my secondary issue is that why are they often placed on lights that have very narrow approaches, and there is not enough room for a cycle to get up the inside to the ASL between the line of cars and the pavement.

There are two like this on my commute home, and last night I jumped onto the pavement to go past the long line of cars waiting to get to the ASL. Now before anyone starts to gasp and shout at me for pavement riding, I would like to point out that the pavement is huge, is in a quiet residential area and I passed no pediatrian traffic on it at all. (no shops, businesses etc and it is very open and you could see if anyone was stepping onto it)
problem was then, the lights had changed when I got to them, and had to wait for them changing again. But still got there faster than a roadie that tried to go between the two tight lines of cars.

Any thoughts? Should a complaint be passed to council? Not much they can do I suppose, as they provide the ASL but not a safe means of getting to it, without total road redesign.
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