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I am bought a hybrid bike last year and thatwas my first bike in over 20 years. Having become addicted I am now looking at my first proper road bike and have narrowed the choice down to a Trek 1.7 or a Felt F75.

Does anyone have any views on these bikes whether positive or negative. I have ridden both and both seem to be a very similar ride. I prefer the paint job of the Trek bt it seems alot of money to spend based on a paint job!



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    I just bought a Felt F75 and am very happy with it. Did 50 miles yesterday and a 12 mile spin this morning and it went great. Got it for GBP 899 from Evans (they price-matched cyclelane.co.uk price). I didn't have the time and patience to test ride a lot of bikes, but it was a whole lot better than a Scott Speedster.

    Given that you say both have a similar ride, go with the one that fits best/feels best.
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    I love my F70, 2005 Vintage, can't fault it, and a nice and light frame.

    My Gf has a Trek 1000, and that has also been excellent.

    If the spec is the same or similar, and you prefer the paint job on the Trek, then I guess it's just down to how much that paint job is worth, only you can make that call though :D

    I'm sure you will end up with a cracking bike whatever though,

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    I think you've done well to narrow it down to only two bike! So no wobbling and changing your mind at the last minute! A lot have about four or five bikes they like when they come looking for advice!

    I take it both have the 105 gruppo? What is the price difference? Are you going to get one of them from the same LBS? If so then go for the trek, because in your eyes it looks better if the price is right. As you said both ride similar in your eyes.

    If your not getting them from the same shop, which is the better LBS? Consider servicing and problems that you may get? Who would be the more helpful LBS? Hopefully everything will be fine, but worth thinking about if you really can't decide between both.

    I'd also say the treks are quite popular so the Felt would be a more individual bike?

    If it makes you feel better I picked my first bike, a Bianchi because of the colour! Ultimately there's no wrong answer. Just the right one for you. Don't waste time get it sorted whilst there's still some of the summer left!
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