The Ultimate Scalp?

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  • pst88
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    Depends if he was wearing a yellow jersey at the time I suppose.
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  • Sewinman
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    Or whether he is juiced up...zzzzzzzzzzz! :D

    I have to say I think thats a pretty cool thing to do. :lol:
  • rolf_f
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    Naaaah, the ultimate scalp would be Cavendish :D
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  • DonDaddyD
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    I was really expecting to see a picture of my back while the person who is taking the photo is desperately trying to keep up....
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  • What sort of bike is he riding? Are his legs shaved? Does he have mudguards or panniers? Can't really make a call on FCN until we have those vital facts.
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  • nah the ultimate scalp is a dominoes pizza scooter......

    especially if you steal the pizza :lol:
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