Ride with Lance in Glasgow Today noon !!

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Hey all Lance Armstrongs in Glasgow Today he's twittered and wants someone to ride with
Hey Glasgow - group ride starts at Ashtree House Hotel. 9 Orr Square. Paisley, Scotland. See you there at noon!!

Gutted I cant make it :(
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    what a legend, how good would that be!!
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    m@rk wrote:
    wants someone to ride with

    I think there wil be more than one person there :p

    the amount of people that use twitter AND considering its all over the internet I reckon about 200 will turn up, not just roadies but Mtbers and even occasional cyclists.
    Who says Lance should ride full whack for a laugh so only the dedicated 'proper' riders will keep up :lol:
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    would love to have done that :(
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    Im going out later....anyone want to join me? :lol:

    Pretty cool, whats he doing over here?
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    It'd probably go a bit like this...

    Lance turns up on hyperbike
    Bikeradar turns up on Orange 5s with knobblies
    Lance ****s off over the horizon
    Bikeradar goes to the chippie
    Lance finishes his 250 mile warmup in 37 minutes
    Bikeradar posts on Bikeradar about how they went riding with Lance.
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    i did go along with two or three hundred others. it was great fun.

    lance appeared out the back of a car, seemed to have no-one with him, no real clue where he was going. graeme obree showed up as well. the road was blocked with cyclists and then we all went off into the pouring rain. the group, all 200-300, stayed more or less together - some wag apparently said that seeing as he was lance armstrong it was okay to ride thru the red lights - until the hills stay and lance et al vanished into the distance.

    i think he was surprised by the turnout and the warmth of his reception
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    outstanding, i like that he stayed with the "peloton" and actually let folk ride together, strikes me as a superb bloke, im well impressed.
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    See what I have to miss out on with having to go to gay ass school :x
  • damn. that would've been a right hoot.
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    He's over for U2 tonight and then Tour of Ireland at the weekend. On ITV4 approx 2pm. The man is a legend, and yet so down to earth.
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  • Did anyone ask him when he is coming to Brassington?
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    what a legend, how good would that be!!

    I totally agree!!

    What a great guy for doing something like that.

    Usain Bolt to twitter next:

    "Going for a jog in hyde park, anyone fancy it? Meet me at 12 noon by the lake"

    Class!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol: