XT Wheelset Offer

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For anyone interested, Merlin have the XT wheelset on offer at the moment for £250:
http://www.merlincycles.co.uk/mountain- ... heels.html

UST, and about 1650g. Same as the ones in the link in my sig'.


  • passout
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    Good discount. Still a a lot of money though for a set ot MTB wheels IMO. I'd get some on-one wheels or some hand mades from Merlin myself.
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  • adb1006
    adb1006 Posts: 938
    £250's not bad for some UST wheels weighing 1,650g though. Despite being "factory" they've stayed 100% tight and true too. I'm fairly light though (11-12 stone), i've heard poeple say they flex a bit if you're heavier - probably due to the 24 spokes.

    I reckon Mavic XM819's on XT hubs would come out close to £250 wouldn't they?