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I have been researching on buying bicycles online for a while. I came across a site, but forgot the website. All I know is the following.

1. There is a letter "R" on the name
2. I think it might begin with the letter "R"
3. The website has black background color
4. The site looks very professional.
5. It seemed they sell most major brands. They had three drop-downs on the middle (horizontally), with the middle one for Brand. In this drop-down list major brands are listed, including Felt, Trex etc.
6. Under the Road bikes section (when clicked from left menu bar), the category page has flash type of fading banner with several high quality images of brand bikes (for example . lightspeed..)
(7. The site I am looking for is NOT, it is not that randall scott..)

Maybe RSA or ace or something on the name.

I am going nuts trying to find that website. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. All I know is it is NOT a common word like "road" or something on the URL.

Can you guys help me locate that site again.. My firefox browser history is cleared and there is no way i can get back.. i spent several hours trying 100s of keyword combination's.



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    andy11 Posts: 3
    This must be a lucky site. As soon as I posted this I did another search and found that site! it is RA cycles. thanks for reading my post anyway..

    I am a beginner, can anyone recommend a good bicycle for under $500?