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Bike Purchase Recommendation - Work commute and off roading

HamishGherkinHamishGherkin Posts: 3
edited August 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hi to anyone reading this and thanks in advance!

I want to purchase a bike primarily for my commute to work which is mainly down canal tow path and a couple of roads but also I do the occasional bit of off roading, budget wise I am not really looking to spend in excess of £400. So I guess I am looking for a lightweight mountain bike that will be quick but will be able to handle the odd bit of off roading, nothing too serious though.

Any advice will be greatfully received. Having read a lot of reviews I have written down a few that appear to be good value in the Decathlon Rockrider 6.3, Giant Yukon, Gary Fisher Wahoo and the Cannondale F6 but not sure if these would be what I would need so any advice from anyone with more expertise than I would be really helpful to me. :D


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