Is a new fork worthwhile?

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Hi all,

I'm a beginner (naturally) and have a Dart 3 fitted to my Trek 6300 hardtail. While I can't seem to get more than 80mm travel out of it, I can't say I've ever felt dissatisfied with it's performace so far.

The thing is that I go back home to Australia at the end of the year, and because bike gear is usually more expensive there, it would be a good idea, if I'm ever going to upgrade my fork, to do it now. The problem is, I don't know if said upgrade would be worthwhile. Like I said, I'm not actually unhappy with my current fork, but then again it's the only fork I've ever ridden, so it may just be that I don't know what I'm missing. I'm not particularly concerned with comfort, rather with whether it will help my riding.*

I could probably only afford to buy something at the Tora or Recon level. My riding right now is wheels-to-the-ground on very rocky and rooty trails, with steep climbs and descents (themselves usually rocky and rooty). As I get more skilled, I'd like to also branch out into some downhill/jump-type riding, but nothing too insane since I have an XC frame.


*By "help" I don't mean that I expect that bolting a new fork to my bike is going to turn me into Gee Atherton or something.


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    The Tora or recon would be a nice upgrade, but if you can afford a Reba I would get that.
  • Changing the fork on your bike will make a huge difference to its performance and handling. I did it to mine last year and it's a totally different bike. If you spend the time looking for the 'perfect' fork, then you will have no problems.
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    Would a Reba be a good choice for the bike I have, or would I be better off getting the cheaper Tora/Recon and putting the money saved in the "eventual new bike" pot?

    The specs for the 6300 are here. The frame is the same all the way up the 6x00 line, and the 8000s use the frame design, but in a lighter alloy.

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    if you can afford the reba, it is superb and well worth the money. thats a nice looking bike and its well specced, nice reliable and solid. the reba would match the bike nicely. ive got a 07 model which is as good an xc fork as i have ever used. the newer ones are said to be better than ever.

    you really cant go wrong with a rockshox these days and the other options will also be an upgrade but you will always find more moeny for the new bike pot, my advice in general is always spend as much as you can on anything you buy.
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    If you had a Hyundai but you could afford an Aston Martin, what would you do?
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    I have Recon U Turn 351 08 model. I got them off ebay, still in the box for £140. Adjustable from 85mm - 130mm and were just serviced with all the paperwork. It just shows if you look around you can get some real bargains, Fork upgrade is defo worth it. Go air sprung if you want lighter forks. I tend to find coil forks easier to maintain and seem to have a plusher comression
  • +1 for a fork upgrade to tora/recon/reba. Darts are a bag of brown pants.
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    +1 for a fork upgrade to tora/recon/reba. Darts are a bag of brown pants.
    As above I changed from dart 3 made a huge difference
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