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gradient-st agnes

KiNgOfThEmOuNtAiNKiNgOfThEmOuNtAiN Posts: 99
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hi i was in cornwall-blue hill camping st agnes and brought my peugeot.

i just went down for a nice calm ride in the country.

went about 35 down a hill and came to a lovely sight. i saw a climb an it looked massive..

i did it with my lousy 10 gears and struggled abit

it was a 33% is that a middle climb of a 1in 3 my dad said or somet

just wondering cause ive seen the %'s and ive only done somet like 17% tops before

My father's name was Antonio Andolini... and this is for you.


  • GarzGarz Posts: 1,155
    Many a conversation on the forums about gradients and %s.
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