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This might sound like a daft question but there you go............I'm a newbie!!

I've got my saddle parallel with the ground but on longer rides I feel as if I'm sliding forward. Do you think I should tilt it back slightly? All other bikes I see seem to have the saddle parallel so is there another adjustment I should be making or am I just odd :roll:


  • Andy B
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    it's all personal choice

    Adjust it & see if it helps.
  • stone-rose
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    i always have my saddle tilted back. can't ride with it flat - feels like i'm sliding off and can't get comfortable. just adjust it in small increments and see how it feels
  • blister pus
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    And remember you'll end up using the whole of the seat for whatever you're doing eventually anyway. Eg. Climbing up hill you'll likely naturally move to the tip of the seat - Downhill you'll have to slide to the rear of the seat (and off it) - Flats you'll likely use the centre point.
  • fletch8928
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    slightly pointing up, only slightly mind. when its flat i feel like my back is doing all sorts of strange S shapes. Keep making adjustments when your out and you will get nice and comfy
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  • villan
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    Thanks all, I'll give a try next time I get out
  • nicklouse
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    parallel to the ground is useless if you have a bike with front suspension, get the nose up a little.
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