Spez Secteur - unimpressed test ride

nickl52 Posts: 18
edited August 2009 in Road buying advice
I went to Evans Cycles this morning to test ride a Spez secteur. For some reason It just did not feel comfortable, mainly due to the handlebars which felt really 'big'. I was 'fitted up' before going out and the seat etc was adjusted, so the frame size was correct. They didnt have an Allez in for me to try so i dont know whether this would make a difference.

I also tried out a Bianchi, but they only had a 53cm frame in stock which was really too small. However the ride was much better than the Spez.

I am now thinking of trying a Trek 1.2 (2010 model) but may try to source a 1.5 09 model at not much extra. Evans can order one in for me to test ride next week. Anybody any experience/advice of these bikes?