Perfect Day?

welshkev Posts: 9,690
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there i was yesterday having one of the most boring days when out of the blue my mate calls me and says "can you get the afternoon off? we're all off up to cwmcarn"
a quick chat with my boss and he ok'd it, awsome a long weekend!! :D

i met my mate and a few of his work mates i didn't know at cwmcarn at about 2pm, it started to drizzle a bit but it didn't damp our spirits. i hit every climb bang on, every berm flowed (apart from one small off on one of the jumps on the freeride section - but i'll forget thet bit :lol: ) i hammered the final decent and dropped them by at least 2 minutes! and i got back to the car park with a big smile on my face and was still home by 4.30.

Gonna get my full face and knee pads out and practice that freeride section though..... 8)

Just been out again this morning and i'm off to afan tomorrow....woo hoo :D:D:D