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Roadie vs Mtb...

RockbuddyRockbuddy Posts: 243
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This isn't an us versus them thread! Just before everyone sticks the boot in :wink:

I'm quite curious to know peoples views on how mtbs are treated on the road compared to roadies (by motorists etc).

I've always had mtbs and had been commuting on one for bout 18months before I got my new road bike about 4months ago. Ever since I've been on the road bike for the commute, only getting the mtb out for the odd off road weekend trip.

I'm going off road this weekend so decided to commute on the mtb and make sure everything was ok and get used to it again. The main thing I noticed (apart from the obvious differences) was that motorists seemed to give me more room (maybe even respect?). This was most notable when I road home the long way round (through lanes) and a couple of cars and a van were waiting behind me till it was safe to overtake (I waved to say thankyou as they passed naturally :wink: ). Now, I do this route quite a bit on the roadie and it's been anything from scary to stupid overtaking by the majority of cars.

Am I just imagining it or is there a real difference how you get treated to what you are riding?

EDIT: Appologies if this has already been posted here before...


  • Interesting... I either commute on my hardtail MTB or my full carbon road bike so I'm in a good position to comment on this, BUT I have to be honest and say I haven't noticed any difference! Saying that I'm thinking back to the last few weeks to see if anything is actually different...
    I suppose one thing is that MTBs are noticabley wider (big bars and all) than roadies so people may give more room as they don't look as 'compact'. Another point is when on the road bike I tend to wear lycra and generally tighter clothes, whereas on my MTB it tends to be more normal clothes, larger jackets etc...
    Hmmm. i'll have a look next week and see if it does actually vary!

    Question: Why do so many cyclists not stop at red lights? You would if you were in a car...
  • RockbuddyRockbuddy Posts: 243
    Yeah, I had thought about the width difference but also I guess that when I am on the mtb I tend to stick my elbows out a bit (natural position for the wide flat bars I have), which is almost opposite to the tucked in position on the roadie. Not sure I want to start commuting more on the mtb to test the theory too much effort, especially on the way in :D
  • always_tyredalways_tyred Posts: 4,965
    What if you commuted on this?
  • RockbuddyRockbuddy Posts: 243
    What if you commuted on this?

    :lol::lol: I've heard of old style drop bar mtbs (usually rigid though I think). Never seen someone put drops on a full suss (and Dura Ace, mmm). It actually looks really cool although not sure what motorists would think about it on the road :lol:

    Also it looks like a reasonably high spec Trek full suss but how do you get to the bottle on the underside cage???

    Well you have a cyclo cross, don't you? (not quite the same but you might have a better perspective). Question is would motorists just look at the drops and tucked in position and treat like a road bike or would they notice it's a full suss mtb with drops and rubber neck :wink:
  • pastryboypastryboy Posts: 1,385
    I think a general perception would be that a road bike is designed for the job so the rider is likely to be more accomplished whereas MTB can be seen as a leisure accessory and loads of people have them.

    Not noticed any difference personally though.
  • Mr SworldMr Sworld Posts: 703
    Way, way ago when I was still at school I had a old racer that I put a set of 'cowhorns' onto! Boy you wouldn't believe what a wide berth car drivers gave me! :lol:
  • cedargreencedargreen Posts: 189
    The drivers round your way not only see you, they notice what kind of bike you're riding?
    Where do you live?

    Seriously, I think the kind of drivers who give you room will do so whatever you're riding.
  • Jay dubbleUJay dubbleU Posts: 3,159
    What if you commuted on this?

    Then you would be insane and kind people would come and take you away :wink:
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Not noticed much difference myself......
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