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New to BikeRadar, not new to cycling

Chung MeeChung Mee Posts: 48

I don't know where to put this, so I'll try here.

Cycling is my sport. For the last five years I've gone out on the bike every day - unless it's actually snowing, or if I'm away from home or have an early morning meeting. Every day I get out of bed, pull my bike kit on, and set off........all before work. I'm devoted to the Tour de France and could, I reckon, hold a Beginner's Class on the subject if not an Intermediate one. I have a stack of cycling books and have just bought two more for holiday reading. During the Tour I arranged my whole life round the TV/live streaming hours and work. I'm going to the Vuelta in September. I've done cycling holidays in Europe many times and atm have 3 different bikes in the shed, etc. (One's in pieces as I canniballised it to mend my usual bike*; the other one was a gift and after 250 miles I stopped riding it.)

This is a very big, busy forum and good for it. Far better than some where you have to wait for days for a reply. However, right now I'm undecided. The Armstrong-Haters thread in the Pro Cycling part seems to have descended into personal abuse. Seems to have - is this "normal" BikeRadar badinage which a new person here is outside the "joke"? For a new member of BikeRadar I find this is putting me off asking some questions and/or joining in.

A few pages back - but only a few hours back - someone in the Armstrong thread posted at length and thoughtfully about LA and I agreed with him. However nearly everyone who said so was sneered at. Messageboard same-old same-old, or typical BikeRadar? I cannot possibly read everywhere to determine this.

*I'm about to buy a new bike. I have needed a new bike for years. My main bike's done at least 9,000 miles and my performance would improve with a NEW bike. I just know this, instinctively - new bikes are lighter-weight for a start! I'd start asking questions about buying a new bike with my currently-limited budget but really do not want to attract sarcasm and intimidating scorn from wealthier and fitter and longer-term and longer-riding other cyclists here.

Any advice on my hesitation about BikeRadar, please? Thanks.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The mods are keeping a very close eye on the road forums and have banned a number of users, as well as warning others.

    Please flag any posts you think cross the line as we cannot physically read every one.

    Don't be put off by the few who think they own the bike forums - the help you will get from genuine people will more than make up for the odd cretin.
  • jay12jay12 Posts: 6,306
    i personnaly think this forum is very helpful. anything you ask will be answered by people that know their stuff
  • jamazinjamazin Posts: 371
    good website and forum. exceptional
    Mabie forest. Maybe one of the greatest places to ride.
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