Hitchin' a ride

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Firstly, yes this is just to vent my fury. Secondly I do think I’m a considerate cyclist. I do my share of pace setting on club runs and help the slower riders on the social events (not blowing my own trumpet, God knows I’m no saint :twisted: ).
Anyway today whist going down the A6 from Matlock to Belper I overtake a cyclist doing around 17mph. Said cyclist then decides to sit on my back wheel and allows me to peddle into the headwind and drag him along the 5/6 mile at around 24mph until he turns off.
When I look around and offer for him to lead the way he just looks down and blanks me.

I mutter, ney shout, several expletives his way but he had earphones in so does not hear me. :evil:
I’m not going mad over this am I?? Surly Mr hitchin’ a ride fall’s in the bracket of RLJ and the one’s who speed of at lights as they don’t like being overtaken, only to be overtaken again. Or am I just a mad petty Yorkshire man who is now resenting Derbyshire folk?
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    Did you say hello or did you just blank him when you overtook?
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    Did it affect your training ride in any way? Maybe he was right at his limit just holding on...
  • I said a friendly hello. Then carried on... with a passenger. Did not effect me that much, and the anger helped me up the big hill out of Belper. So a result in the cold light of the day.
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    If you were more of a man you'd have dropped him, leaving him panting and desperate as you rode of into the sunset. You bloody lightweight. :wink:
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    if you want to avoid this, the answer is simple...

    dont wear doedorant.
  • points taken. iIll have to stop using my better half's dove and get me self back down pit to toughen up. :lol:
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