LBS Northampton, recommendations???

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Can anyone recommend a LBS in the northampton area. I have done most of my shopping on line, but would like a good lbs to be able to get bike serviced etc. and for upgrade/replacement parts

any recommendations please




  • A friend of mine uses the one at Brixworh Country Park (Pitsford Resevoir), I've never heard him say anything bad about them.
    I use the Rutland Cycles branch at Grafham Water, but that might be a bit far for you to consider it an LBS.
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  • blodders
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    Cheers Boris. WIll check out Pitsford.

    Any other suggestions please

  • Rau
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    +1 for Pitsford Cycles.. they're extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Stuey01
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    Leisure Lakes, Daventry.
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  • Depends what you are into, but for road these guys are really helpful and knowledge with time to spare - ....especially compared to Phil Corleys in MK who seem to employee the worlds most aloof staff!

    Its in Stony Stratford though, but only 15mins from N'hampton.