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Spin test competition !!

geordiefreeridergeordiefreerider Posts: 888
edited August 2009 in MTB general
Right people im laying down a challenge and the game is this,

Turn your bike upside down put it in top gear spin the cranks as hard as you can then start the stop watch when the wheel stops turning stop the clock, then repeat this with the front wheel by grabbing it and spinning it as hard as you can !

Whoever's wheels spin the longest is the best :lol:

A couple of rules, NO ROAD BIIKES lol and no disconnecting the caliper :wink:

Remember if you cheat your results your only cheating yourself !!

State your front and rear times and what the bike/bikes are !!
I'll kick off with mine......

Kona dawgmatic 04

Front 1m33s

Rear 45s


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