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Car Rack + Full Sus

fletch8928fletch8928 Posts: 794
edited August 2009 in MTB general
I have just gone and gotten myself a Cube AMS and after having a good look I decided to ring the shop and ask about transporting it on a Saris Bones. I am not convinced that it should be hung on the shock and until I pick it up I dont really know how its going to be ferried about!

Do any of you have any thoughts on the matter or experiences of this problem (if it is). The shop said it shouldnt be a problem but i thought i would ask a broader spectrum of folks.

Getting bike home isnt an issue as it will fit in the rear but i dont want to have to transport it everwhere like that. I know the bones are very adaptable and i may be able to hang it on the rocker thingy!
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