What's the correct term for those wooden platform tracks?

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I know this sounds stupid but I can't for the life of me remember what the term is for them despite my google efforts. :wink:

It's where someone has built a series of raised platforms in the woods, there's load of jumps and raised sections of platform all made from wooden slats. There's a name for it but my mind is blank.

Stumbled across one once near where I live (forget where exactly) and trying to track down some details of it.



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    The thinner ones are Skinnies (often just flattened off logs also), I guess I'd call the wider ones Boardwalks?
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    Northshore? Skinnies?
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    Northshore that's the one I was trying to remember. Thanks

    I was riding around local woods once and by accident stumbled across one - it was amazing but I've never found any mention of it anywhere on the net.

    It was way out of my league (10ft high platforms - scared just looking at them) but out of interest what sort of bike is usually used on them normal hardtails or jump bikes?
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    all kinds of bikes. Canada has some bikes made almost purposely for that kind of freeriding, with really steep head angles, and short wheelbases for negotiating the tight twisty turns on the elevated sections or logs, but still with 6" or so of travel.
    Plenty of people ride them on regular "hardnut" hardtails too.
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    i tihk im correct insaying you can ride whatever bike you like on northshore as long as yo got a massive set of nuts on you, it looks terifying!
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    Never cycled one, but I did a ski season in Montgenevre in France and they had some set up in the trees of the side of a drag lift. I decided to try skiing round one, well skis dont turn too well on wood. I nearly went straight over the side of a drop a littler larger than I ever hope to fall off.
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    The "north shore" at Afan gets my heart pumping, I have a wee problem with hights , But I get over it, The stuff at Llandegla, jeeese it's like 5 times as high, but at least it's easy, virtually straight and pretty wide.

    As for some of the proper stuff in Chatel I've seen, ohhhhhhhh no thanks. Rode a tiny, tiny bit with my legs shanking, was about to hit a small drop when I reliased the bit getting to it wasn't solid, it was like a rope bridge. Got off right then and there and just swore at it.
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    What, are you saying the boardwalks in Llandegla are 5 times higher than the ones in Afan?
    Seriously? But the Llandegla ones aren't exactly high-rise.
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    What, are you saying the boardwalks in Llandegla are 5 times higher than the ones in Afan?
    Seriously? But the Llandegla ones aren't exactly high-rise.

    I was thinking about this one in particualar.


    The ones at Afan are just to cross a boggy section I think, two sets on White's, one on the black run that's easy and does get more than 50cm up I'd say and one further along which is actually trickier IMHO.[/img]
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    i always avoid that bit at llandegla, it really feels daunting so i dont bother leaving the route to do it but next time im determined to give it a go.

    thing, is, to look at it on the pics and vids, i dont see the problem but i always seem to bottle it!
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    i thought they were called ladder bridges. skinnies are well skinny. and boardwalk sections are close to the ground...

    the one at llandegla is easy sheeps it's just a matter of confidence looks are intimadating when on the high stuff, trick is to keep that chin up look at the exit not at your front wheel...
    they have some awesome shore stuff in whistler,. especially on river runs through it.
    if you think llandegals high you should see the bridge over the river,. thats scary.

    don't let wood work put you off it can be so much fun and the sense of achievment when you face and beat your fear is awesome...
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    it looks terifying!

    I remember looking at it and being stunned - platforms about 10ft high with a gap of the same size between them. My limit is jumping off a kerb so I'm more interested in spectating.

    The place I found must have taken months to put together but it's totally unmarked and unreferenced so I'm not sure if its 'owned' in any way as I assume the council must know it's there.
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    where is it?
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    The Llandegla one is pretty easier, much easier than the low level section further on. Bits on White's at Afan are OK although I can't do the little kicker thing towards the end of White's. Bit on the black is also OK.

    I love the ones at Gisburn, fairly low level, couple of bits that get 5 ft off the ground almost like table tops, and they're musical to boot.
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    The northshore stuff that's left at glentress is all about 6 inches high. Which is just as well really, because i can't ride more than 20 feet of it without falling off and nutting a tree :oops:
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    Wow, the Llandegla one does look pretty high from that angle.
    When you're riding it, it doesn't look like much of anything!
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    lock1981 wrote:
    where is it?

    somewhere near the train track Crews Hill, North London.
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    You need to be a bit careful about terms you use. North Shore is a place in Canada where this raised woodwork originated, they get a bit touchy about the over use of the phrase as a generic term.

    That Llandeglla wood structure is a bit pathetic to be honest, yes it's quite high, but it's been dumbed down at a metre wide or more. There is a similar wood structure at Stainburn which is about the same hieght, but only 6 inches wide and def. a real test of nerves.
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    B.A.Nana wrote:
    they get a bit touchy about the over use of the phrase as a generic term.
    The ever present threat of angry Canadians in West Yorkshire is still alive and well I see :lol:
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    If its skinny and technical a small hardtails best IMO. The Kona Darkside at Mabie is really tricky on a Pitch! Think I need to grow some too :oops: :lol:
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