SpeedTrap compatible computer or...?

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I would like to get a computer for my bike, which is a 2009 Trek 1.5 that has 'SpeedTrap' compatible forks - these have a small cutout in the forks for holding a sensor that transmits to the computer. Is it worth hunting a compatible computer down, or should I look at other ones that attach elsewhere? Also, I assume that being mounted on the front forks, such a computer could read cadence?




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    I have a Topeak computer which is wireless, but no cut out on the fork.
    Similar problem in that I have upgraded to Record 10 and thought - ooh lovley, now I can fit an "ergobrain", but the cost of one does not reflect the benefits I would get from a basic computer anyway.
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    I think the sensor would have to see the crankarms rotating to get the cadence.
  • I'm interested in this subject too, having purchased my first road bike this morning (Trek 1.5). Does anyone know if the speedtrap sensor has to be used with a Trek computer or will it work with other makes too? Thanks!
  • I think that the computer starts with the 10i which is about £60 and the speed trap sensor is £15. They're not the easiest things to find. I remember looking when I got my trek and I only found one place on line that sold both the sensor and the unit needed. I got a £14 aldi bike computer instead and it does everything the trek one does.
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