KEO Easy pedals

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As a beginner- these look a good shout- and I have found them for £9.99 @ there any opinions out there?




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    Don't bother Ben. As a beginner, I used to scratch around for bits paying what I thought was good value. When I got the bits on the bike, within no-time I was looking for the upgrade. And then the upgrade to that etc etc.

    Spend the extra. Join a cycle club - lots of cyclists have bits kicking around - we are the worst hoarders in the world, but with a little persuasion will part with them. Look on e-bay - 46 results for Look pedals 2nd hand. Advertise on bike radar WTD in classified section. Try always to get the best you can even if its second hand.

    On e-bay are a couple of pairs of the old Look pedals. I had a pair for 14 years, and as long as you can get cleats for them, they are superb pedals. They have LOOK printed accross the back plate. They look massive but have good ground clearance and are ultra reliable with good pedal engagement, item no. 190327620102. They are fuss free and don't take them apart, 'cos you cant and you don't need to.
    The range went pp46, pp56, pp66, pp76 etc. The 46's being bottom of the range. 270440970085 - are the pp56's - I know, I just sold a set. The red ones are pp76.s, lighter than the 56's - great pedals and the red ones are in good condition.

    290336964317 - Look Carbon. Top of the range for years. Worth 40 quid easy.
    Finally, I bought a pair of look Keo Carbon. I am not sure the pedals were worth the money. I still think the Old pp56's that I had were actually better, beleive it or not, just a bit heavy in comparison.
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    pinarello001 is this opinion based on you using the pedals?

    Ben thanks for the link just ordered a set. At £10 worth a punt.
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    Well got mine Saturday and these are excellent pedals.

    They are 220g as claimed and I find the entry and release for me to be spot on.

    Price increased to £15 now :(
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    I almost bought these just for the cleats! I'd like to know how these differ from standard Keos (which I have). Anyone know?
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    Answered my own question again....

    No tension adjustment on the Easy pedals. Think I'll stick with my Classics.
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