cube, scott or sirrus?

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having bought a rockhopper at the start of the year, i now realise that i never really needed an mtb after all, and that a good, reliable, fast commuting hybrid is far better suited to my needs. i intend to sell the spesh first and then spending around £500 for either: a spesh sirrus sport 2010 ( nice but a bit boring) a scott s60 flatbar (lovely but a bit harsh and racy?) and the cube hyde ( drop dead beautiful, but seemingly untried and unreviewed by anyone). can anyone help me spend my money please? cheers in advance..


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    Cube do make gorgeous bikes - and don't underestimate the importance of having something you'll love looking at and love showing off...
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    yep i agree with you - and thats the way i'm leaning at the mo. i know the sirrus probably makes more sense , but that cube makes me have some very unnatural feelings towards machinery..
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    I have just got the Scott and it's very nice. Not harsh at all and the high quality frame means you can lose weight off the bike each time a component wears out by upgrading to higher-end bits.

    The Cube does look smart though!
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    Hi, this is my first post after a few weeks of lurking. This seems to be a good site/forum with some good information and general banter.

    I put the Scott up against a Gary Fisher and a Cube and eventually purchased the Cube.

    Had it for 5 weeks now and that new buzz is still there. I've cleaned and cherished this thing more in the last few weeks that I do my car.

    I'm not a daily commuter and purchased a bike for fitness/sport in my leisure time. I might have been a bit frivolous spending a fair chunk of money on a 'first bike' in my adult-hood but I'm so glad I did it.

    I originally wanted the Scott Sub 10 but couldn't source one anywhere. In a way it was fate that attracted me to the Cube and I'm so glad it did. I'm not an expert on bikes (yet!) and therefore can't go into great detail but the machine just feels right and is a joy to ride.

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  • I have a cube peloton 08 road bike and love the fact its a decent german brand that you don't see many of. Like Focus bikes they are a nice make and decent set up.

    The Sirrus is decne tmy mate had one and has now switched to a pinarello road bike but he did some decent distances on it with me last year. Scott bikes have definately become much nicer over the last year and not a bad shout at all.

    Don't think you can go far wrong with any of those so go for the one that you will love the most ;)
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    *sneaks in from Roadie forums*

    I have a Cube Aerial 09 and I can't fault it

    *sneaks back to roadie forums*
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    thanks very much for your input everyone. seems i can get the cube without worrying..
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    cpower36 wrote:
    thanks very much for your input everyone. seems i can get the cube without worrying..

    Sounds good to me - but have a think about the hybrid thing.

    I got a hybrid last year - worst of both worlds. Now back on my 20 year old road bike waiting on the next "cycle to work" thingy from my employer. Can't wait!

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    you do have a point there and its why i have always considered the scott. i really dont want to go the whole roadie route though. i only have a daily 3 mile commute each way, most of which is cycle path. I dont think i can justify spending my money on carbon latex sprocket flanges for such short journeys. Added to that i just dont enjoy riding on the roads that much. Round here the roads are very busy and tres dangereux. if the route to work was all road i doubt i would bother at all. By the way, its either a casual 15 mins on my spesh, 45 mins via two buses or nearly an hours walk...