First Real Bike

1990Dave Posts: 2
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Hi im new to the forum as well as mountain biking and was looking for some help with the purchase of a first bike. Im not totally sure what aspect of mountain biking i want to do but bending towards jumps and light downhill so im looking for something of an entry level all rounder with a frame worth uprgrading a latter date. Iv seen the Commencal Normal and riden the Specialized hardrock comp which i found very comfy .However upon seeing the Specalized P all mountain series online, they are really tickling my fancy. I also looked into the Mongoose Tyax but my LBS quickly dismissed it saying the frame wasnt that great however this may of been down to unavailibilty of the bike and him trying to give me a quick sell on the Spec. I understand theirs a few bikes to narrow it down from but just wondered what thoughts on the topic you had?