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Very Sore Bridge!!

nickempopnickempop Posts: 73
edited August 2009 in Road beginners
Hi all,

Well finally got out on my bike for the second time yesterday after a long break due to illness and did about 7 miles in about 30mins, not bad for my 2nd run out i thought :D

The problem is my under-carriage is wrecking (not just sore but it feels like a tiny bit of broken skin), this morning and there was some sign of it starting to hurt about a mile away from home :cry:

My question is, is this normal as a beginner? I did have just cycling shorts on and a small amount of udderly cream on but still had a problem.

Could this be just my skin needing to toughen up / need more udderly on? Or could it be that my seat is no good or just needs adjusting?

Hope you can help as it doe's take the fun out of it slightly...............


  • Rich HcpRich Hcp Posts: 1,355
    I'd say so, a bit of chaffing makes it very uncomfortable!

    You should toughen up to it after a few rides

    Glad you're well enouigh to ride again 8)

    Giving it Large
  • skinsonskinson Posts: 362
    Padded shorts?
  • I just have bruised seat bones.. that's all after 100miles of beginning-ness after a 20yr lay-off. No skin issues what so ever.
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