Has anyone recently packaged up a 54cm bike

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and if so, can I nick the measurements off you if you used boxes?

Odd request I know but I'm trying to get quotes online for this and I haven't got a scooby doo what the size should be.

Thanks in advance.



  • hopper1
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    Do I take it you want to make a cardboard box for a 54cm bike?.....

    If that's the case, then do like everyone else... go down to your local LBS and ask for a bike box that they receive their bikes in! :shock:
    There should be no problems with this, as it's less for them to dispose of.
    If you are wanting to transport your bike, then while you are there, ask for the little bits of plastic that you insert between your drop outs, to prevent them being crushed...

    I hope that's what you wanted...
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  • dg74
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    Yes and yes.

    All done and senditnow are the cheapest couriers around. £12 next day delivery? Bargain!!!