BMX for my 7 yr old

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My boy has been riding for a couple of years now and he wants his next bike to be a BMX. Do any of you guys have any tips on good places to go? I am based in Scotland for this

I am not going to spend a fortune on it so please don't overboard. I know how easy it is to do :D


  • I would not get him a BMX bike. It is more of a "phase" most likely and he will outgrow it at any time and not ride it anymore. Get him just a street bike and you will probably save hundreds.
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    What is a "street bike" - serious question?

    Got my two BMX's for mucking about on, they use the rear peg's to give "peggies" on.

    Only problem with most BMX's is they are quite heavy, also make sure you buy a junior version as most BMX's are designed for teenagers so have large frames, cranks and gearing that will be too high.

    I wanted something they can mess around on so they keep there Mountain bikes for mountain bike riding.

    Mongoose do some decent junior BMX bikes that are quite reasonable.
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  • My 7 year old has the Mongoose pit crew BMX which is a really good bike. It was definetly the best 16" wheel BMX I could see, decent quality bits throughout. He rides this bike at Transistion in Aberdeen & sometimes at an outdoor skatepark near us. However he also has a Specialised Hotrock 20 which is used for mucking about/school runs/kirkhill & also coped well with the Green runs/skill areas at Dalbeattie, Mabie, Glentress & Laggan when we were recently on hols. Kids BMX style bikes tend to be on the heavy side but sometimes dont have the quality if your kid wants to learn/progress BMX style riding (ramps, jumps etc). If your near Aberdeen look up Transistion Extreme (near the beach) you can book in for lessons at the weekend & they do BMX hire as well.