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Next vehicle recommendations

Steve_FSteve_F Posts: 682
edited August 2009 in MTB general
Hi all,

It's getting towards the time to get rid of my old car. I'm thinking about getting a van next time around.

The car constantly has the back seats down and is scratched beyond belief from loading the bike. Started to carry it in the back when the gear cables were freezing on the way to Glentress.

Started looking at small panel vans, like the Berlingo, but my plans seem to have moved up to mid size (like the Scudo) and kit it out so I can store the bike in it and sleep in it for weekends biking.

Is anyone else mad enough about biking to have traded in their car for a van?
Will I regret it after a few months of ownership?
Will it be easy enough to get two bikes in and leave me room to sleep?
Any van related advice or anything that might be helpful?

I'll still be keeping my other car but it's on a limited mileage so the van will be my main commuting transportation.

Current steed is a '07 Carrera Banshee X
+ cheap road/commuting bike
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