Silly shop loses parts

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Took my rear wheel into LBS to have the freehub tightend as it was not one i could do myself.Turns out they couldnt get it any tighter and the play in it was to much so i went for a new one.

When i came to pick it up they had lost the washer that helps keep the bearings in ,in effect making it unusable.They gave me some bull about not being able to find it had i bought it down etc so i put my foot down and asked them who do i send my petrol bill too as i commute so i ended up with a brand new wheel as they couldnt even order the part.

The wheel was a better spec than the original and i had to insert a spacer as it was for a 8/9 speed block and i only have cheapo 7 speed sram shifters.Only trouble is i now have an unmatched pair of wheels , its a commuter so its not like i am to bothered :)
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