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Driving through Pickering tonight past the Steam Fair and saw a very unusual bike. Didn't get chance to stop and investigate further - or take a photo.

It was a tandem with a childs enclosed sidecar on the inside. The bike was a few years old - I would guess from the 50's but may have been earlier.

Has anyone seen anything like this before. I guess it will have been a specialist product of its era (otherwise it was made by someone with good engineering skills as it looked professionally made).

I guess it will have been a visitor to the steam fair - so if you are through Pickering or at the fair keep an eye open.


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    Chariot (trailers) make a sidecar kit.
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  • used to be very popular on the 50s. See Helms cartoons
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    Here's a picture of the family tandem with side car. Was taken in the early fifties looking at the age of my mum in the pic. Unfortunately I've no idea where the tandem is now.....