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Ok now I get it.

dubnut71dubnut71 Posts: 123
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OK so yesterday I unpacked my pristine Malt 1 and set it up, my first proper MTB for about 10yrs.

Today after work it was on with the helmet and off around locally through a few tracks and paths and ended up being away for about an hour with some great climbs in there too!

The short of it is the Malt is no longer pristine but was covered in mud, as was I, but I have never been happier!!

The malt taking a breather!:


The beautiful scenery I would have missed if I hadn't been on a bike:


and the mud thats stuck to me and the bike!!!


and the upshot of it all?, I finally get what I have been missing by not cycling all these years. The feel of it, the way my legs are burning now and the mud that cam off in the shower, its all made me a very very happy man!!! :D
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  • tjwoodtjwood Posts: 328
    That's not mud, that's a light layer of dust ;-) At least relatively speaking given the weather we've been having this summer.

    About 10 weeks ago I started cycling for the first time since I was a teenager and I have much the same sentiments :D
  • StewwmbStewwmb Posts: 257
    Haha was going to say thats not mud!

    Wait till you are going through bogs that are axle deep in thick mud, that also clogs your front and rear mechs.

    Been getting that a lot recently with the lovely English summer.
  • fletch8928fletch8928 Posts: 794
    What about the type of filth that not also messes up your mechs but then makes you whince at the sound (shhhhhhhhuuuurt shhhhhhhhhurt) of your pads being eaten away buy the grime.

    Still its good to see someones bike that actually is getting dirt on it
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