what do you eat

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i would like to know what people plan to eat and drink befor a ride then during to keep the energy levels up for max fun while out havin fun do some of you have a diet plan or just et for fun ... im not a large person im only 11 stone 3 pounds and 5 foot 11inches tall (37 years old ) but i seem to lack stamina while out and about
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    I either take bananas, home made banana bread or these -> http://ukfamily.co.uk/lifestyle/food/he ... -bars.html
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    Go for some pasta before you ride
    I feel that energy drinks (powerade etc) work for me during a ride alongside water but not everyone think they make a difference
    During, I just eat a load of junk TBH (crisps, chocolate, sweets to keep me going), never really thought about what the effects of it. I'm sure I would benifit from something with more energy in it like those energy bars you can get
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    Pasta. Always try and eat pasta for the day or two before a big ride. Makes a huge difference.

    Oddly, something I've found to stay away from, is fish and chips. Always leaves me short of energy, and sick from tiredness!
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    fast food /chunk food (pizza..burgers ..chips ect..ect) make me feel bloated and and tired which hinders me at work as well as at home
    falling off doesn't hurt....its the landing that hurts

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  • Energy drink 20 mins before the ride,energy drink or if it's hot elecrolyte during the ride in my camel back then banana when i get back to the car and a bowl of porridge when i get home unless it's dinner time in which case chicken or fish. :wink:
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    Good 30 minutes before the ride id have a torq bar or a power bar ride bars those are yummy and keep me full of beans during the ride though i only tend to eat one on a club ride, on my own i can set the pace so don't need it as much, i usually keep a torq gel pack just in case i crash, usually towards the last 30 minutes or so.

    I usually have 1h30-2hrs in the tank before i bonk.

    After the ride, sis rego rapid every time, has a great list of ingredients, does seem to be working as my calves are showing up nicely of late. 8)
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    I cheated yesterday, I stopped for some chips and sausage half way round a 4.5 hour ride.
    Totally worth it though :lol:
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    Weekend ride:
    Bacon and egg sarnie for breakfast.
    Water, Mars, 2x sausage rolls.

    Only eat the chocolate if I feel like I'm about to blow up. After a ride nowt beats a couple of beers.
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    I tend to ride just after tea, it's the only time I can get out. :(
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    Have tea earlier then :lol:
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    A banana (easy to pack) or a www.onesquaremeal.com
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    Night before a bowl of pasta or pizza. On the morning of the ride a bowl of Jordan's muesli with a little full fat (4%) milk, but no sugar.
    During the ride an electrolytic energy drink, usually the stuff that Tesco or Sainsbury sells, but diluted with ⅓ water. I usually carry 1.5L of fluids in a Hydrapak
    Mid ride I will do a small Yazoo chocolate milk and a snack.. I am still to find an ideal energy bar that works well and tastes good, but a Snickers bar works well as do the Individually Wrapped Flapjacks from Aldi.
    Towards the end of the ride if I am knackered I may use an energy gel
    At the end of the ride a For Goodness Shakes for recovery purposes.

    Yes diet makes a big difference to one's performance.
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    Porridge in the morning. Banana just before and either flapjack or fig rolls to keep me going.
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    Fruit,High 5 caramel bars.
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    yeehaamcgee: sausage and chips half way round? legend!! im definately coming for a ride with you!!

    i tend to eat some pasta usually with quorn or bean feast the night before, i dont know if it is a placebo but it seems to keep me full of energy. the morning before i ride i like some beans on dry toast (or if im camping, beans and bread)

    during a ride i take home made flapjacks (cherry and honey for me)with me, super cheap to make and seem to give me bags of energy.

    for hydration, just plain water in a wide mouth bottle so i can take big old gulps when im proper thirsty after a climb. i find hydration packs dont allow me to get the big gob fulls of water i need to take on whilst im blowing out of my ass!!

    if anyone actually knows anything about nutrition i would be interested to find out if my habits have any actual benefit?
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    i tend to eat as many carbs before i go out be it pasta, beans, potato and during the ride i'll have a banana an orange some choc and some pate sandwiches then when i get home usually a pie or some chicken and for drinks generally squash or a can of red bull as i get out the car

    lol i sound like a fat bastard but my body will use it all up in seconds when riding i do aboud 1mps (miles per snack)

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    For a long xc ride >50miles I will take a mix of sweet and savory food as eating sweet stuff none stop for any longer than 4 hours does me no good!

    I will usually have a large bowl of oats with a banana and honey mixed in for breakfast and about 750ml of 100% mix of energy drink (high 5), during the ride I will drink high 5 mixed to about 75%, I will take with me:

    SIS go gels and mayby a few energy bars(powerbars etc)
    Home made flapjack, lots of fruit, peanut butter, dark chocolate and honey
    Malt loaf
    Fig rolls
    jelly babies
    Home made rice cakes

    All wrapped/packed in easy to eat snack size, on a long ride I will also take some small sachets of energy drink to mix up when the camelbak is empty. I usually try to eat something every 10k or less, even if it is just a bite on an energy bar. then when I get back to the car I will down a few bottles of "for goodness shake"
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    Jacket tattie with either chicken or tuna about 2 hours before the ride.
    During the ride, water, energy gels, fruit bars, bananna etc simlar energy filled stuff.
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    I like banannas, some energy gels for a quick 'turbo-mode' if I let myself sag down into semi-exhaustion. Energy bars, but some can be quite hard, and very chewy (feel like a jaw-workout!), notabley SiS energy bars.

    Flap jack's and oaty-things always rate pretty high on my packing list for a longer ride...

    Mmm 8)
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    Sorry, forgot to mention I like Torq energy mix (Lemon and Lime, and Pink Grapefruit are the best :wink: ) and Mule bars for the energy.

    And the Mule bars are delicious!


    Mmmmmmmmm :wink:

    If you haven't tried them, then I suggest you do! SO many tasty flavours.
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  • I tend to ride early-midday ish so

    breakfast - cuppa, bowl of oatibix bites, maybe some toast if I feel like bread, not sposed to eat much wheat though, glass of water

    before going out, sup about 1/3 bottle gatorade

    during, lots more gatorade although today I stocked up on 2 bottles of vitamin water to try & it was nice tasting & a 500ml bottle of water towards the end just cos I didn't want anymore sugars.

    Raspberry Flapjack, which I pick up at the shops by the 2 reservoirs I ride near, lovely tasting and usually eat late ride or when i get home.

    lunch - salad, bit of white meat, 1 or 2 boiled eggs

    dinner - turkey/chicken & veg, gluten/wheat free yorkshire puds (which are scrumptious btw)
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  • breakfast:weetabix,tea,coffee
    before an 50km ride usually a gel thing getting out of the car so I am Hyper at the start then another gel halfway around,a camelback full of Tork lemon and lime,not to mention lavish french refuelling stops and snack bars.
    Then at the end a nice sandwich or this weekend a bbq chicken,chipolata,merguez sandwich and beer

    Yes I you are over 16 in France you are offered beer at the end of a ride
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
  • just depends,

    if its a weekend rie it will be beer the night before then kebab, wake up ill, find anythin that resembles food, eat it, get on bike, drink water and eat energy gel, go home, eat crap, go to bed

    if im beinmg serious and training its pasta the night before,
    musli with bananas before ride
    electrolyte in water and flapjack, energy gel etc during ride
    protein recovery shake when home then chicken salad or similar

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