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What do you wear

compocompo Posts: 1,370
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What do you wear when Mountain Biking?
Jerseys or proper Tshirts?
Normal or Specialist shorts?


  • blister pusblister pus Posts: 5,780
    edited August 2009
    Depends on the weather.

    If it's sh!tting it down monsoon style like it has been , then it's waterproof altura nevis jacket / waterproof altura attack 3/4 shorts and if it's warm like now then one fast wicking base layer underneath the jacket with the vents open. If it's cold, close vents add layers.

    If it's dry and nice then I use Blacks techincals double zip off pants, either at 3/4 length or normal shorts length with a t-shirt or whatver.

    Use a variety of flat grippy shoes too.
  • nwmlargenwmlarge Posts: 778
    long shorts
    tight ish t-shirt or hoody if its at night
    trainer socks
    reebok cross trainer's
    full face
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    i have some "proper " mtb shorts but the honest truth is that they are no better or worse than the normal adidas shorts i sometimes wear if my enduras are in the wash.

    as for tops, i wear the first thing i pull out of the drawer, i dont bother with technical t shirts as they chaffe my nipples!

    i do have a cycling specific jacket but although its water proof, it makes me sweat my knackers off so i end up pretty much just as wet with or without it in the rain.
  • RaymondavalonRaymondavalon Posts: 5,346
    Endura shorts when wearing knee pads
    Endura Humvee and Zyme ¾ shorts. An ice hockey jersey is my fave top as it's baggy, well vented and my elbow pads fit nicely under the sleeves. I also wear baggy cotton T-shirts on warm days.
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    Only cycling specific stuff I wear are shorts and gloves.
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  • pte1643pte1643 Posts: 518
    Couple of pairs of MTB baggy shorts and gloves.

    Then just "Standard" T-Shirt and old trainers.
  • If it's nice:
    normal shorts
    padded undershorts
    old american football top / short sleeved rugby top or similar. These are actually well suited to cycling as they usually have wicking properties, are well vented and are baggy enough to accomodate some padding. American football tops are especially good for DH sessions

    If it's cold:
    As above, with base layer
    possibly bib shorts under the baggies

    If it's chucking it down:
    Altura Attack 3/4 waterproofs instead of normal shorts
    waterproof jacket
  • fourcrossjohnfourcrossjohn Posts: 2,500
    okish t shirt - light and either black or a light colour
    my new reef bottle boardshorts with either boxers underneath or my maru knee lenght swim leggings

    and skate shoes for offraod and lidle trainers foe commuting

    if rainy or cold

    as above

    me i'm a hardy people
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    MTB baggy shorts with a liner, usually with a 3/4 sleeve jersey over here.

    Back home it was more typical to wear a HH baselayer and a cycle specific rain-jacket.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Tracksuit bottoms or matalan shorts. Football shirts, a golf jacket if wet and a thin fleece inbetween if cold.
  • MacAndCheeseMacAndCheese Posts: 1,944
    Got a pair of baggy DHB shorts, and a pair Spesh ones too, both with padded liners, a handful of Fox & Nike half baggy short sleeve jerseys (the ones that are tight-ish around the shoulder/arms and baggy everywhere else) a couple of old jackets if it rains and a super fashionable high-vis waterproof for commuting!

    All made of synthetic stuff that washes/drys easily and quickly and wear it most days for the ride to work.
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  • Biggus86Biggus86 Posts: 385
    Shorts and t-shirt.

    Old loose combat trousers and jumper/coat if its cold/raining.

    Oh and just some old etnies
  • GHillGHill Posts: 2,402
    GHill wrote:
    Back home it was more typical to wear a HH baselayer and a cycle specific rain-jacket. :roll:

    Of course, after that smug comment I discovered today that I need to nikwax my rain-jacket :lol: :x
  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    edited August 2009
    Today at GT I was wearing:
    Some DC 3/4 length shorts
    A baggy cotton T-shirt
    Skate shoes
    Spesh helmet
    And some Fox full fingered gloves
    Typical of most of my rides
  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
    Boardman Hybrid Pro

    Planet X XLS
    my superman tshirt if its not in the wash normal shorts old trainers
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  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    Above 8°C DHB summer top or Dare 2 Be cycling T and DHB padded tights, plus Montane Pertex waterproof if it rains or chill factor goes up.

    Below 8°C Crane winter top and padded tights plus the above Montane.

    At freezing the above but have the Montane on most of the time.

    Feet 5 10's with running socks in the dry, in the wet Sealskinzs, if cold marino Sealskinzs.

    Hands, track mitts or Crane winter gloves
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  • FlenserFlenser Posts: 372
    Normal cotton t-shirts
    Army surplus shorts (desert DPM or desert BDU at the moment)
    Trainer socks
    Puma Clydes

    It's my birthday next week and I'll shortly be wearing:

    dnb Runcton short and long sleeve t-shirt base layer
    Altura Night Vision jacket
    Budget Karrimor walking shoes/trainers
    Hopefully some decent shorts or a 900 lumen torch

    Claud Bulter Cape Wrath D27 (2009)
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  • smegurmumsmegurmum Posts: 181
    top: fox s/s jersey or (with if its not too warm) HH l/s summer base layer or just a HH winter base layer in the winter, but only if its seriously cold.

    bottom: all year round fox shorts or shorts and compression layer

    socks: generic black socks or in alaska style winters football socks

    shoes: this is where it gets less technical, converses or nike 6.0 air mogan mids
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  • anditukandituk Posts: 122
    Royal downhill style LS jersey or a lightweight mesh Nike T-Shirt
    Endura shorts and liner
    Endura socks
    Specialized shoes

    I used to just wear some trackies and a t-shirt, but its much more comfortable with a decent wiking jersey on. The shorts I bought mainly for the liner, normal shorts would probably work just as well for me. The socks I only bought because they were trainer sock style things and I was desperate in a bike shop.
  • The Big CheeseThe Big Cheese Posts: 8,651 Forum Tart 2010
    Dending on the weather:


    T-shirt / fleece / combats / Merril approach shoes

    Sunny / warm / dry

    T shirt / combats / shorts

    Wet / cold

    T shirt / fleece / w'Proof outer layer / waterproof trousers

    Don't ride clipped in so my Merrills are my hiking/biking shoes
  • snotty badgersnotty badger Posts: 1,593
    Decent weather I wear my baggy shorts with padded liner and a decent sports tee (eg Climacool). If its a bit chilly a HellyHansen base layer, colder still I've got a cheap outdoorsy jacket.

    If its proper cold I wear some ski pants that work supplied with padded shirts underneath.

    I'll be buying some proper gear for this winter though...
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