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Morning Gents....

I was out last night and after 15 miles or so my hands started to tingle and eventually went abit numb after 20 - 22 miles.

I have been riding the same set up for aaround a year now and have never had this problem before so I puzzled to why it happened.

Has anyone else come across this? What is the best solution as it was fairly uncomfortable to ride like this?

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  • papasmurf.
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    probably ulnar nerve related... get some gloves with decent palm heel (or what ever the rear part of the palm is called!) pad
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    I'm am probably due a glove change anyway, I have had mine for ages and are looking pretty tatty.

    Maybe something like the Fox Reflex ??
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  • ride_whenever
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    new gloves, if it doesn't help then get some ergon grips.
  • Suffered with this for a long time. Completed a 1100km adventure race a few weeks back with 840km of biking and my fingers are still a bit numb.

    The solution - Specialized Body Geometry gloves with Ergon grips. The Ergon grips support more of your hand, spreading the load and not compressing your ulnar nerve as much. In addition they help support your wrist so you are less likely to suffer from wrist strain or even tendonitis.
  • Gloves are definitely the answer, sounds like you're due a change. Ergon grips are definitely the way forward.
  • It is unlikely, but check that your saddle hasn't moved.
  • i tried allaorts to combat this exact same problem and found the solution to be a layback post to take some of the weight off my hands, worked a treat, try gloves and sadle position first as they arnt too costly but if all else fails give a layback post a go

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