What to with Ralph and Nobby?

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I'm going to take the plunge and go tubeless with the Schwalbe Racing Ralph and Nobby Nics.

Now, which trye do I put on the front and which one on the back?


  • papasmurf.
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    NN on front and RR on the back unless you want to use them for speedway :D
  • ashleymp777
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    Err, speedway???

    Are these the lightest UST tyres do you think?
  • scotto
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    yes nn on the back, have done a fair bit of speedway myself with that.
  • ashleymp777
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    I take it they're not particularly grippy at the back!?!? :cry:
  • toasty
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    NN on the front, you want the back to give before the front does. They're fairly average for UST tyres, ie roughly the weight of a tyre + a tube. If you wanted light tubeless ready are far lighter, my Fast Track LKs can be run tubeless and weigh 480g per end.
  • The Spiderman
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    Or use conventional NN and RR with a Stans no tube kit,if you want light.460g for a 2.1 rr and 500g for the NN 2.1.
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  • John Moore
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    Summer RR front and back - Spring and Autumn NN front RR back - Winter (or wet period) NN front and back.

    Sorry but you need 2 of each
  • toasty
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    Or use conventional NN and RR with a Stans no tube kit,if you want light.460g for a 2.1 rr and 500g for the NN 2.1.

    100g rim strip + 50g Stan's solution, a supersonic tube is lighter. Stan's rims with yellow tape would be lighter than both, but not by far once you've factored in the tape + UST valve + solution.
  • gpsBRM
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    Don't bother with Racing Ralph on the front unless you want to understeer all over the shot, IMHO it was the worst front tyre I've ever bought. NN is grippy on the front although it is quite a draggy tyre in the dry.

    As opposed to a NN and a RR try the Rocket Rons front and back with Stans. Light as you like and very grippy, yet roll really well. Surprisingly robust as well, no punctures this summer, riding it on local trails and a couple of trail centres in wales.
  • ashleymp777
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    Who makes those? Are the Schwalbe as well?
  • nicklouse
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    the RR are Schwalbe as well.
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  • gpsBRM
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    Who makes those? Are the Schwalbe as well?

    Yeah they are Schwalbes new racing tyre. The Schwalbe rep who was @ the last Merida I done recon'd they might replace the Racing Ralphs with the Rocket Rons.
  • adb1006
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    Am i the only person who thinks that Schwalbe tyres are seriously overpriced? I mean, over £70 for a pair of tyres (unless you're a serious racer) is ridiculous IMO. I really fancied trying the new Rocket Rons, but for that price they can poke it - I'll give the Conti Speed King Supersonics a go for £28 an end.
  • .blitz
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    adb1006 wrote:
    Am i the only person who thinks that Schwalbe tyres are seriously overpriced?
    They are good but the RRP is so inflated that £30 each (or two for £50) starts to look like a good deal when IMO £30 for a bicycle tyre is taking the p*ss.

    But Schwalbe are no exception. A wander round the lbs is an eye-opener - £100 for a stem, £500 cranks, £1000 forks. Madness.
  • gpsBRM
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    Schwalbe have launched their "Performance" range which isn't as expensive, then you don't get the tripple compounds of the Evo series though.

    Agree they are well over priced though and others tyres can be a better bet. Would rate a Conti Mountain King over a Nobby Nic in any terrain. Then tyre choice is a completly personal thing if you want to get the best out of a set. What works for some won't work for others. Some of my mates swear by tyres I just can't ride with, ie the Ralph and Panaracer Razor
  • llamafarmer
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    I love Racing Ralphs, but was never entirely sure about Nobby Nics. I'm always amazed at how well the Ralphs still work when it gets a bit wet - I had a rain soaked ride at Afan last Tuesday and they never let me down once. I'm running the front end a bit softer for grip and the back a bit firmer to hopefully cut out the pinch flats.