Slightly stressful ride home

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Riding home last night in the rain was approaching the traffic lights by Cobham bridge in traffic. Lights changed to orange so start slowing to stop. The car in front of me stopped and the car behind must have been asleep. All I hear is that awful sound of a car skidding along the road towards me. He obviously wasn't paying any attention and hit the brakes too hard. Adrenalin kicks in and I accelerate hard to get away from him, which I realise too late means I can't stop in time for the lights. All happened so quickly I think I went through at speed just as they changed to red but thought my chances were better that way than staying put. Glanced back as I crossed the junction and the slide had taken him away from the curb and he had come to a halt in the middle of the road just behind the first car, no damage done that I could see.

Had a people carrier beep me as I went over the bridge, maybe he saw me RLJ without seeing why. Carry on and another mile or so along my route same people carrier comes past again beeping.


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    Any excuse to jump a red light...... tsk, tsk....
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