Bike bags - where do you start?

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I am just about to start a new job that will more than likely involve me travelling to Cambridge a bit. The company normaly fly you there.

I am thinking about taking my bike when I'm there overnight etc.

I have seen bike bags / cases on the web ranging from £40 to over £400. I just have no idea of what I need.

Will a soft bag do?
Should I look for one with a hard base?
Do I need a case?
What is the cost like to transport a bike on an internal flight?

HELP! :?
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    First thing to check is the website of the airline you are likely to be using. That should answer most of your questions about requirement for a case, cost, etc. Each airline has different rules.

    If you do need to get a bag or box, then the right option depends on the type of bike you are carrying. Is it a light, expensive roadbike, or something more robust?
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    The bike is a Specialized Allez

    Will have a look at airline websites.
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    My bike bag was £49 on offer a few years ago (so a bit more than that at full price now) and it's served me very well for my Serotta Nove on many, many trips to Mallorca, Geneva, and Rimini and Milan. It's a Planet X soft bag. I simply use bubble wrap and some insulation foam to add extra cushioning to the frame. It has the advantages for me that it's very light (much lighter than a box) and is large enough that all I have to do is remove wheels (and skewers from wheels), which then fit in the bag, remove one pedal and turn the handle bars under to fit the entire bubble wrapped bike inside the bag. No fannying about with seat post or any other adjustments. The only thing I would say is that if you decide on a soft bag, consider getting one with wheels - they make them now. Getting the train from Milan to Como last October was a bit of a pain with having to lift the bag and run across several platforms - wheels would have made it a lot easier. Airports aren't a problem though, as you can use the trolleys.