after a lorry nearly killed me...

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and a stern letter to the company i got this... hope the driver got a telling off...

Dear Mr

Thank you for reporting the alleged incident with one of our vehicles.

The incident has been thoroughly investigated and the driver in question has been interviewed, appropriate action has been taken and I can assure you there will be no reoccurrence of this sort of behaviour either by this driver or any other driver engaged on the x contract, the driver in question is an agency driver and his employer takes any allegation of this nature very seriously.

As the market leader for the supply of x we take great care in selecting and training our own employees and any agency drivers we engage to operate our vehicles. This training is not only centred on safety and defensive driving methods but also on due consideration for other road users, this is in the form of a lengthy driving assessment and two days classroom training during which we train drivers on all aspects of our operation.

We also continuously brief our driver workforce not only on safety related topics, but also our relationship with the general public, our customers and brand image, needless to say this sort of behaviour can irreparably damage our reputation and we take the most severe action against anyone who behaves inappropriately.

Please accept my apologies for any distress caused to yourself and my reassurance x will endeavour to ensure our employees and those of our suppliers act in a responsible and courteous manner at all times.

Best Regards,

National Trunking Manager


  • So... what happened?
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    just your standard, goes to overtake me then pulls right into me, while looking at me, forcing me onto pavement, ask him if he's trying to kill me, he replies, "yes F off"... then for rest of trip keeps cutting infront of me and heavy braking, intimidating me...

    what a knob sack

    so got numberplate and took a photo on my phone, hope he at least got a slap on wrist...
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    Hopefully the bastard got the sack :-)
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    What a tw@t.
    The initial incident was bad enough but for him to carry on been a knob in a company logo'd van is just downright stupid. He must genuineley be a proper grade A prick & certainley shouldnt be driving for a living
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    I want to be a National Trunking Manager.
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    biondino wrote:
    I want to be a National Trunking Manager.
    Oh, you are being camp again.
  • I bet their products just turn out to be white elephants. 8)