Schwalbe Ultremo R - Defect

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Hi, does anyone know the current situation regarding the defective batch of Ultremo Rs (bulges leading to blowouts)?
Are the ones in the shops at the moment from a newer batch and therefore safe to use or is it safer to wait a bit longer before buying?

Thanks for your help.


  • Wooliferkins
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    This listed on the Schwalbe UK site. We've received no recall notice of batch numbers from shop stock.
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  • bought a pair start of spring and within 2 or 3 rides side wall split. bike shop refused to believe it was anything but "one of those things" and it was " not worth returning them as there was no way the rep' would believe it ..."

    bit the bullet and bought an another pair with no problems after 2500+ miles

    when I saw the recalll notice , I mentioned it to the bike shop next time I was in ....

    and was met with.............................

    " oh ...."

    ah well, you win some etc etc

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    Bought some in April. Stuck them on. Went through loads of inners as couldn't get them to seat, sidewall kept blowing off. Thought it was me.

    Eventually got them on, did 20 miles. Double sidewall blowout. 30 mph ish downhill.
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