Should I upgrade from 9 to 10 speed

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I'm thinking about upgrading my race bike. That will mean a set of 9 speed ergopowers can be donated to my commuter. Presently I run the commuter bike on 9 speed with friction shifters. Since the ergopower is pre-2001 and all my commuter parts newer I will have to rebuild the ergopower (cable pull for 9 speed changed for Campagnolo 2001). The question is should i go for 10 speed while I'm at it? My gut feeling is that 9 speed chains etc. should be better of in rain and snow. What's your exerience? is 10 speed to fragile for winter commuting or is there really no difference to 9 speed :?:


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    I'd imagine there's no real difference. I run 10spd Ultegra on the winter bike and it's completely fine. Just keep things clean, dry and lubed. You sound like the sort of fella who looks after his components anyway!
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    10 speed SRAM chain on my audax thats used as year round commute bike. No problems.
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    Mine is 10 speed Ultegra too, used it for a year almost now, all through winter, with no problems at all.
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    I imagine that the chain and cassette would wear out about 11.1% faster.
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    Yes only for parts availability