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plymouth area

trav1502trav1502 Posts: 21
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does anyone know any decent routes in the plymouth area? the surrounding area looks fantastic for riding(dartmoor etc) but to get there in any direction i have to go through the city. im a new rider with a new bike and havent a clue where to go!


  • edindevonedindevon Posts: 325
    I don't know Plymouth well, but there is a page with links to cycle maps here:

    This includes a link to a cycling guide that includes a largely traffic free route out of the city up towards Dartmoor:

  • trav1502trav1502 Posts: 21
    cheers mate
  • Im not from Plymouth but i know of a club called YOGI cycling club who,judging from their website,appear to be well informed well organised cycling club who appear to use many many routes on their rides.
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Thanks for highlighting YOGi Cycling KillerMetre. Unfortunately our website is currently down but you can see a good selection of our routes at

    Trav1502 you and anyone else are of course more than welcome to join us for a ride anytime. Saturday's Road Ride is always a good starting point with anything between 25 -80 miles depending on how far you want to ride. There is of course the obligatory cafe stop. The ride starts at B&Q Marsh Mills, Plympton 9am.

    There are also Road Training Rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6.30pm - same meeting point. Plus MTB rides too.
  • PorgyPorgy Posts: 4,525
    I am from Plymouth but unfortunately am unable to help you with routes as I haven't lived there for 20 years. :P

    But this is interesting just the same as I'm planning to visit soon and may as well take me bike. :D
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Website is back up and running, all be it with hiccups.

    Meant to have asked trav1502 - which part of Plymouth do you live in? It would help for low traffic route advice.
  • trav1502trav1502 Posts: 21
    yogi- i live on the Hoe, so ill have to go through town and along Embankment road i guess.
    thank you for the offer of joining you on some rides, ill definately take you up on it. out of the country until end of august though, but after that ill see you there
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Trav1502. Yeah along the Embankment to get out to the Moor, ideal for meeting us at Marsh Mills. There's some good riding if you go out over the Laira Bridge and into the South Hams. Then if you go the other way on the Torpoint Ferry there is some fantastic riding in Cornwall. Lots of choice but hard riding everywhere.

    Look forward to meeting you.
  • PorgyPorgy Posts: 4,525
    ahhhhh - reminds me of my 1970s childhood - when i cycled everywhere to Looe in the west, northwards to Princetown and beyond, and to Torbay in the east. 8)

    Mind you I think cycling on that A38, even in the 1970s, was a bit risky. I don't think I'd do that now.
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    A38 - We don't, no neeeed! Much better roads to use.
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