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new road helmet

speedospeedo Posts: 115
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looking to purchase my first road helmet,with a budget of £40
any suggestions ?


  • teagarteagar Posts: 2,100
    SPECIALIZED ECHELON HELMET 09 ... guide.html

    It's just a cheaper verson of the S-works the pros ride.

    I like it as much as you can like a helmet. It feels pretty light and keeps you cool enough.

    Never worn much else though. Never really liked wearing helmets.
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  • ^^ I know what you mean.

    I tried a few on in Halfords yesterday and it seems that they all made me look like a had lincoln cathedral planted on top of my head.. Suppose you get used to it and it becomes natural.

    They differed to me in not in safety - they all appeared to be the same safety wise - but in comfort and style. Bell had quite a few and others plus there was some good offers.

    Worth going to halfords just for the convenience of trying loads on - even if don't want to buy from there, although i don't mind.

    Everytime i found one that was ok.. it was nearer the £100 mark.. so got put back on the shelf pretty quickly.
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  • drudru Posts: 1,341
    Lots of Giro's about for that money (and less)

    Think you can get a transfer for around the £25 mark. Its all down really to what colour/s you want :)
  • Sonny73Sonny73 Posts: 2,604
    I'd push the budget a little bit and go for a
    Giro Monza (some for around £40)

    or a Bell Array (a tad more)

    Good stuff and the styling is pretty good for the dosh :D

    Still the Specialized option is a winner or a Bell Alchera for under £40

    If you see something you like for £10 or £20 more then go for it, after a few months you'll only wish you had in the first place if not (if you can afford it that is).
  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    The best advice is to physically go out and try some on.

    Your particular head size as well as head shape may suit one manufacturer more than another. Some suit "rounder" heads better, while others are more suited to "oval" head shapes.

    Sonny73's shortlist would be a good starting point. :D
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  • kozzokozzo Posts: 182
    Had shape is crucial so you have to check it
    Specialized Propero
    It's just a cheaper verson of the S-works the pros ride (Echelon is more recreational design).
  • zoso7zoso7 Posts: 66

    I got this for £30, seems quite well aired and its a decent fit/shape aswell!!
  • macondo01macondo01 Posts: 706
    I bought this one after reading some good reviews especially that it conforms to a higher safety standard than othe rlids in this price range. Here's the blurb from Edinburgh Bikes where I bought it...................

    Regularly rated the lightest weight, best vented £30 helmet.

    The Specialized Chamonix is probably the lightest weight, best vented £30 lid, and it comes in 3 sizes so it should fit more precisely than a 'one-size-fits-all' lid.

    'Specialized, the kings of subtle techno styling score another coup with this budget lid that looks as good as a lot of top whack hats. Performance 8/10. Value 9/10.'

    WhatMountainBike: Feb 2006.

    The Specialized Chamonix's 4th Dimension Cooling System incorporates a mouthport, in-line vent configuration, deep internal vent channeling and rear exhaust ports to optimise air flow over the head.
    Wind tunnel tests confirm 4th Dimension cooling efficacy.
    The Specialized Chamonix's FORM Fit retention system features a full-circumference nape-hugging fit band that allows a wide range of adjustment and a more customized fit.
    The Specialized Chamonix comes supplied with a clip-on visor - handy for keeping glare off the eyes and rain off the shades.
    In-mould construction - the outer microshell and inner foam shell are moulded together - not taped - a design that maximizes the Specialized Chamonix's integrity.
    This visor is detachable if you would rather ride peak free.
    U-turn strap adjusters make initial helmet set up easier, and helps keep the straps in place.
    S (49-57cm), M (52-60), L (55-63).
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