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A new member saying Hi, plus a quick question...

1UP1UP Posts: 11
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Hi to everyone.

I am new to BikeRadar and wanted to say a quick hello. I have been reading through the site before signing up and it looks to be a great source of information with a lot of helpful people.

I am new to the world of mountain biking, beyond the standard round the lakes and an bit of off road stuff you may do on a Sunday afternoon with the girlfriend. With this I have bought what looks to be a decent bike off a mate who has treated himself to some new shiny expensive bit of kit.

Its on this I was hoping for a bit of help. The bike I have from him has been in his garage for a number of years and prior to this he bought it off another mate who did a lot of off road biking.

I am curious to know what make it is as its got no decals as the frame has had a small TIG welding repair due to a cracked fork tube and when they did this they stripped off all the powder coating and stickers on the frame.

All I have to go on is a frame number which I cant reference against anything and in the middle of the frame is a strenghtening plate that looks to have the letter 'B' cut out. After doing a bit of searching it could be a 'Bergamont' frame or possibly a 'Bergwerk' but does anyone have any other ideas of what it is?

Thanks :D


  • Aldo001Aldo001 Posts: 251
    Can you post some pics? that might help some of the members identifie what it is :)
    Oh, and welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay :wink:
  • 1UP1UP Posts: 11
    Will, do. Will get some photos and post them up.

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