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I am considering buying a fairly low end, second hand, road bike for commuting. I've recently taken up mountain biking and want to spend as much time on a bike as possible, so a decent road bike for getting to uni and work seems like a good idea.

I ride a Specialized Rockhopper at the moment, and without sounding like a fanboy, I do really like the bike so would feel comfortable on a Spesh roadbike too. The Allez seems to be the entry level bike, and the budget seems to fit mine (4-600 new).

Being 6'4 and having long legs means that decent second hand bikes in my size are rather rare, I had a look on the usual websites, here, ebay, gumtree and found this Allez I don't know a huge amount about bikes, and its a fairly long drive to pick it up (190 miles or so) so was hoping for opinions. I've sent the seller an email asking about which years model it was, but are there any other questions I can ask? Is there anything I should do to ensure it isn't stolen, would hate to be riding a bike someone else lost.

Other than the Allez are there other makes/models I should be looking at? The commute is 15 round trip to work twice a week, and a 60 mile round trip to uni (probably split over 2 days when I start out, drive the bike to uni, cycle home, cycle to uni, drive bike home, or crashing at a mates).