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Hello !

therocstherocs Posts: 6
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Hi to Everyone,
My name is Steve 54yrs old from Merseyside and I have just started cycling again after many years absence due to knee problems. Now I only do light stuff but enjoy it all the same. I have just bought a Specialized Stumpjumper Expert HT, which I love despite knowing I can never use its potential. I had started using my new bike to go to work but alas it gets tampered with left alone all day. So I have bought a cheapy from Ebay on whim. Its an AL Carter Deore LX which I haven't even picked up yet. Looked for some info on it but can't seem to find anything through googling it. Anyone know anything about these bikes?
Regards to all,


  • dickyduluxdickydulux Posts: 111
    Hi Steve, welcome back to biking :)

    Not heard of your Al Carter bike though.

    The Stumpjumper's a great bike, my mate loves his :P
    Even in the darkest of days, Churchill still rode his Spesh.
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