Newbie question about upgrading/replacing shifters

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Hi all - first post and very pleased to be here. I'm hoping you can bear with me whilst I ask what's probably a daft question to all you experts.

After many, many years out of the saddle I've just got hold of a road bike that's about 10 or 12 years old with a Shimano RX100 8 speed groupset (double chainring). I've never had a bike with brake lever shifters before so it's all new ground for me.

If I were wanting to upgrade to a 10 speed cassette (perhaps 105, judging by a quick internet browse last night), could it be done simply by replacing the right hand shifter/brake lever and putting a 10 speed chain on it, or is it (as I suspect) far more involved than that? In other words, is the "brain" of the index system in the brake lever/shifter bit?

Any advice gratefully etc etc etc.




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    Providing the spacing of your rear triangle is wide enough (and I THINK on an 8 speed it will be), it can be done yes. However you will need: 10 speed freewheel, 10 speed rear mech, 10 speed chain, 10 speed sti shifters and probably a 10 speed freehub, although I have heard that 8, 9, and 10 speed freewheels all use the same size of freehub, but don't quote me on this.
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    You are right. The shifter is the brains behind it all. It is possible to get single shifters but not easy. Usually Ebay. However the latest 10sp shifters are a very different shape from RX100 so you would probably want to change them both. You would also as a minimum need a 10sp cassette and chain. The mechs and chainset will work, perhaps not as well as the correct ones but well enough.