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Hi, i'm trying to sell my giant scr 3 at the moment as it is a little too big. I'd planned on just getting another scr 3 in a smaller size as i've been really happy with it for the price. obviously whats happened though is that since buying it last year, the bugs got me and i now want something a little bit nicer! Having just finished paying off studen debts, i've got a few hundred quid extra sitting there this month so could bump my price up for buying a new bike to £600-£650. Dont want to spend any more than this as i just can't warrant it having only been ridin a road bike for just under a year.

So for that budget i'm looking at things like the boardman comp/spec allez ect. What i'm wondering though, is if i should be buying new at this price point or will i get a much better bike for the money if i look for a second hand one? what sort of used bikes for £650 have you all seen going? would be great if i could pick up a half decent carbon bike for this money.

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    Well my Kuota cost 790 quid including delivery and it had a brand new Ultegra SL group set on it (apart from the crank which is an FSA pro team carbon jobbie). I would definately go pre-loved again as i was looking at a much lower spec bike before i spotted that :)
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    Thanks, seems like it's probably worth it then. The only thing that puts me off slightly is sizing as this is the reason i'm in this situation in the first place. Would be great to find something not too far away from edinburgh so i could try it first.

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