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Shipping a bike, best method?

ocaaaaaocaaaaa Posts: 55
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What's the best method to ship my bike, I'm leaving the UK at the beginning of next year and would really like to take my bike with me.

Initially I need to get it to Malaysia - but the prices from couriers are pretty expensive (around £450) , has anyone done something similar and have any tips ?

Thanks :D


  • InfamousInfamous Posts: 1,130

    Try to make the box as short (length ways) as possible, most couriers have a limit about 10cm shorter than common bike box sizes.
  • FeynmanCFeynmanC Posts: 649
    MTFU - Ride it there! :wink:
  • PretrePretre Posts: 355
    Why not take it in a bike bag/box? I think most scheduled airlines won't even charge you for it.
  • fatgitfatgit Posts: 166
    buy a new one out there and give me your old one :P
  • pud77pud77 Posts: 144
    FeynmanC wrote:
    MTFU - Ride it there! :wink:
    lol :D
  • MattC59MattC59 Posts: 5,408
    Option 1. Best bet, buy a bike bag and take it with you as luggage.
    Option 2. Get an old bike box, take the wheels, pedals, bars and rear mech off, pack it all and take it as luggage.
    Option 3. As above but get it shipped.

    Which ever option you choose, here's a great tip.

    Go to a carpet shop and get one of the old cardboard tubes that they supply the carpet on. Cut it into sections the thickness of your bag/box. Pack your bike, then put the sections into all the gaps so that when the bag/box is vertical they fill the spaces and sit horizontally (a bit like a honeycombe). These will add a small amount of weight, but add massive amounts of support and crush resistance to the bag. Use foam pipe lagging to protect the tubes etc.

    Personally, I'd buy a bike bag and take it as luggage.

    Cheers.......... M
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  • I've still been thinking about this , whether I want the hassle of taking a bike with me, or just buying something cheaper out there - can imagine it to be a bit of a pain having to lug a bike around with you when arriving at the airport :lol:
  • AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
    Hi, I took my bike to Australia in a cardboard bike box. Phoned the airline (Malaysian Airlines) and confirmed it was OK (best to get it in email tho so you can show it at check in if necc.) I was able to put in wheels, helmet, pump etc in the box with it.

    Got rid of the box at the other end.

    I can't remember it being a problem getting it round the airport - I just put it a trolley.
  • A ship? :lol::wink:
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  • nax-iannax-ian Posts: 209
    I used a 42' flat screen TV box, perfecto, with loads of bubble wrap.
    Had to disasemble quite a bit but I got loadsa stuff in there an I coulda got more in.
    \An these boxes come with built in handles.
  • Thanks for the tips - will do some more research and decide closer to the time (I have till March :lol: ) its just that I don't know where I'll be staying initially , so seems to be inconvenient to have a bike along with a big suitcase as soon as I turn up!
  • AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
    Are you touring/holidaying/emigrating? I also shipped stuff to Aus using a 'groupage' container (shared container - pay per cubic m) but wanted to take my bike with me rather than wait 6-8 weeks for it to arrive once I got there.
  • I'm going to Malaysia and planning to stay there for a longer period of time , not sure how long yet , that depends if I like it enough to stay there :lol:

    I guess worst case I could just take it with me on the plane, then stick it into storage for a week or so whilst I look for somewhere to move in :D
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