First proper ride - one small problem

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So I went for my first proper ride since I started riding regularly for commuting in the past couple of weeks. Did a 35 mile fairly flat route on way back from work and feeling well chuffed.

It was the first outing for my Vista HCx GPS and it was ace - not having to faff with maps is a godsend.

Anyway, it was also the first proper outing for my 105 SPD-SL pedals and DHB R1 shoes. About 15 miles from home I was breaking for a roundabout and heard a distinctive metallic pinging noise on the road. I pulled over to discover that the front bolt (and washer) had disappeared from the cleats on both shoes, and the rest were loose. I tightened them up (so I now had only the two rear bolts for each cleat) and carefully made my way home - so close to being stranded :shock:

So, presumably I just didn't tighten them up enough? :oops:

I've had a look on the online shops, and the only way to replace them would seem to be buying new cleats, which is pretty annoying at nearly 20 quid a pop. I've seen that you can purchase longer bolts (13.5 vs 10 mm) although these don't seem to come with washers and I doubt this was the problem so much as them not being tight enough in the first place.

Anyone know a cheap place to get new bolts and washers without resorting to buying new cleats?



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    Take them round to you LBS - they may have them, and if they do there's a fair chance they'll just give them to you...
  • I'm assuming they'll be a standard metric thread? Just try some online sites (or try the yellow pages) that sell fasteners/nuts and bolts. You can get any size, any length, anything you want, for only a couple of pence.
  • I had the same problem with my speedplay cleats, lost the bolts out of them. Loctite is your friend!!

    And I have good news for you - the places to obtain new bolts very cheaply are remote control car sites - that's where I got some from for my cleats, find out through searching exactly what the bolts you need are called, mine were countersunk m4 6mm screws, then search that. I got 12 for 3.50. Much cheaper than new cleats!!

    Unfortunately I can't now find the exact site I used to help you out with a link...
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    I lost one on the commute once. Didn't tighten it up properly. (Grrr.) Have carried spares on the commute ever since.

    I don't now if it's Loctite, but there's some paste you can use on things like stem bolts. Presumably, you could use them on cleat screws. Or you could let the rain rust them solid. Like me. :oops:
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    A decent LBS should probably have spares - prob your best first port of call.
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    The LBS will have loads of spares.
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    Echo the above, pop into a friendly bike shop :)

    My problem is normally getting cleat bolts out, rather than having them go astray though, grr. Currently being lazy about drilling one out.

    As such, I normally grease the bolts, rather than threadlock them. If they're working loose, definitely threadlock, though.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    A quick LBS trip planned tomorrow and potentially some threadlock.

    Fingers crossed for next time.....
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    also try a hardware store or if you have one try an RS or screw fix
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    theres a shop on clerkenwell road near chancery lane called clerkenwell screws. if they cant find the right one it dont exist.

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    :oops: ive just seen that your in reading. really should pay more attention
    I'm not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information