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Ribble racer. Islington, London night of 31/07-1/08

jerkyukjerkyuk Posts: 2
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Its a sad thing to sign up to a new forum to report a bike stolen, but here goes...

Alright I have lived in London for approximately 1 month and have just experienced my first bike theft.


Ribble 531c approx 56 cm iirc frame.
Shimano RSX100 groupo
Cinelli stem & cinelli criterium drop bars
Siezed in Mavic seatpost
Cheapo alloy flat pedals
Campag front hub on GA40? rim using tub tyre
black/blue conti rear tyre.

OK it didnt cost me a lot (less than £50 all up) however I had grown rather attached to the way it just worked and it had seen daily use since I got it.

It was taken from the landing of my small apartment block (near essex road islington, London. I was woken when an alarm was triggered I first thought it was a car alarm then herd voices out side, stuck my head out of the window to see it was 2 Police who had responded instantly and informed me it was a alarm on the basement flat. I told them all was secure in our flat then thought I best check the landing...and yup my bike was missing. Stuck my head out of the window again and reported it to the police who came in and took a report.

Last seen sometime just after 10pm on the 31st July, when I arrived back on it.
Alarm woke me around 3:30 Police were here within a minute. Not sure if it went when the alarm sounded or before. (the basement flat doesnt use the same shared entrance.)

Really quite peeved & gutted now

Will be down Bricklane on Sunday keeping an eye open.
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